Sophie Manson

Sophie joined the club in 2015, keen to obtain some diving skills as she is interested in pursuing a career in Marine Biology. She immediately fell in love with the underwater world and I qualified as an Ocean diver in March 2016. She is now the president of the club and incredibly excited to see what this year has to bring (along with loads more diving!)

Vice President

Andy Mortby

Andy has been diving with the club since joining as a fresher six years ago. Last year he qualified as a BSAC Open Water Instructor. As Vice President, Andy's job is to help out with the day to day running of the club and and support the President.

Diving Officer

Chris Bainbridge

Chris has been diving for 7 years, and is a fully qualified BSAC Open Water Instructor. He enjoys looking at fish, playing with dolphins, getting his suit eaten by seals and driving the club boats. As Diving Officer, Chris is in charge of safety of club members, as well as encouraging members to get out and do fun and adventurous diving.


Hana Masani

Hana is a third year Zoology student, looking to start a career in marine biology. Her first dive in Corsica gave her a taste of the underwater world and she joined the club in 2015. Hana qualified as an Ocean diver in 2016 and wants to progress onto being a Sports Diver in the forthcoming year. As secretary, Hana is in charge of medical forms and membership details, so if you have any admin details send them her way!

Training Officer

Jess Menzies

I've been diving since 2007 and since then have been a divemaster and instructor in Malaysia, and helped out with marine research in Indonesia. As of last year I braved the cold and started diving in the UK (there are less turtles but more wrecks!) and will be exploring more British waters along with training new members of the club this year.

Extended Training Officer

Ivan Horoshenkov

Ivan started diving with Opwall in Honduras. Since changing his ways and crossing over to BSAC, he has enjoyed diving in the sometimes not so warm UK. As ETO, he organises training above Sports Diver, including Dive Leader and the IFC.


Mark Saville

Mark began diving in 2012 and has around 50 dives under his belt to date. Although mostly in warmer waters, Mark has found UK diving to be pretty cool(!) and completed his sports diver training last year. He is a Accounting and Management graduate so should know his way around a spreadsheet, keeping the clubs finances in order!

Equipment Officer

Dan Chaney

Dan (aka. Q) uses his military professionalism to chase up kit hires and organise the stores with meticulous precision. This is the man behind O­rings, reg repairs and second­hand sales so send equipment enquiries his way ­ just don't mention mermaids and tequila.

Boats Officer

Tom Crowther

Tom maintains the club boats Alumni I and Alumni Wozniak, as well as their engines Ruby and Millie and all the associated safety equipment. He is also in charge of running boat related courses, such as the Engine Maintenance and Boat Handling. You'll find him in his favourite place, in the middle of the dance floor.

Social Secretary

Lily Pearson

Lily joined UBUC in 2015 as a fresher and qualified as an Ocean Diver in her first year. She is the social secretary of the club for 2016, organising talks, nights out and media...